Trinidad is the southernmost island of the Caribbean archipelago and is located 7 miles north of the South American mainland. It is the larger island of the twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago and has an approximate area of eighteen hundred and fifty (1850) square miles. Because of the close proximity of Trinidad to the South American Continent, Trinidad demonstrates a unique combination of flora and fauna as compared to the other islands of the Caribbean Archipelago. Trinidad has amazing waterfalls and rivers that flow through lush tropical rainforests onto sandy beaches. The Scarlet Ibis (national bird), the endangered leatherback turtle and the hummingbird all call Trinidad home at some time of the year.

Trinidad is a boiling pot of people of various ethnicities and as such offers an unparalleled mixture of culture, history and culinary delights. Talking about culinary delights one cannot experience Trinidad without having the roadside doubles, indulging in shark and bake at Maracas Beach or eating a roti at one of the favorite hotspots. In addition to assortment of local food Trinidad boasts of

Every February/March Trinidad hosts its world famous Carnival and the joyous, carefree and friendly nature of the Trinidadian people is clearly evident. This friendly nature makes Trinidad one of the best places to live. Carnival runs for two days but is celebrated for several weeks before the actual two day street parade. During this time calypso, soca and steelpan can be heard throughout the country. These three different sounds were all founded in Trinidad.

When it comes down to business Trinidad can boast about having one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the Caribbean and about being one of the World’s largest exporters of several downstream hydrocarbon products. These industries are kept operational by the human capacity generated by the top notch educational system currently operational in Trinidad.

Trinidad is an ideal place to live once you are ready to strike a balance between work and play as an abundance of both is present. 

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